¡Change your attitude, change the climate with the G-local project!

Inercia Digital, in Huelva, participates in the Erasmus+ programme with the project G-local.

The main goal of the project Erasmus+ “Change the Attitude-Change the Climate! Think Global-Act Local!”  (G-local) is to create in-depth awareness about climate change and to gather 10 simple and practical solutions to be followed by teachers from across Europe

There are 7 project partners, including: RJ4ALL: Restorative Justice for All (UK) who are the project coordinators; AGRUPAMENTO DE ESCOLAS ABEL SALAZAR SAO MAMEDE DE INFESTA (Portugal), Sehit Osman Altinkuyu Anadolu Lisesi (Turkey), INERCIA DIGITAL SL (Spain), Colegiul de Arta “Carmen Sylva” Ploiesti (Romania), Eruditus Language School (Switzerland) and OGEC STE CROIX ST EUVERTE (France).

The project will run for 24 months from 01 December 2020.

The main objective of the project is to change lifestyle towards sostenible living. The specific objectives are:

  1. Raising awareness on the environmental situation
  2. Triggering changes by offering 10 simple, efficient and practical solutions.
  3. Boosting participants’ creativity and liberty of expression
  4. To develop participants digital competences
  5. Disseminating the project’s results
  6. Enhancing the school’s pedagogical and social role

During the project we will create 2 intellectual outputs:

  • O1: G-local Educational platform & Piloting, which has the objective to develop and test an innovative training programme that will give to professionals/ volunteers in schools and informal educational settings skills, knowledge and confidence in teaching and indeed dealing with environmental issues
  • O2: G-local E-book, it will bring together all the research, pilots, learning and findings of the project into one e-book

We will carry out 4 learning, teaching, training activities:

  • C1-Did you know?
  • C2-10 Glocal
  • C3-Have a voice, 3 days challenge
  • C4-Extinction

All these activities are addressed to students and each one will be carried out in a different country.

The project coordinator in Inercia Digital, Victoria said “We are pleased to participate in a project with an up to date and so important thematic as it’s climate change. Students need to value their environment and to change their behaviour in order to get a good care of our Earth”

At the end of the project a closing international conference will be organised in the UK (London), targeting international and local participants, in order to present the project activities, results and outcomes as well as the learning from the project itself.


Known as Erasmus+ since 2014, when it enlarged its scope of activities, this emblematic programme is ranked by Europeans as the EU’s third most positive result, just after free movement and peace. Over the last three decades, more than 10 million people have participated in the programme, in 33 countries (EU plus Iceland, Liechtenstein, North Macedonia, Norway, Serbia and Turkey). The international arm of Erasmus+ will offer mobility and cooperation in education, training, youth and sport around the world.